Additional Degree for Teacher Education Students

The University Senate modified the requirements for an additional degree for teacher education students; previously, students needed 30 additional credits (on top of the required 120). If qualified, students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) in addition to the Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Students are eligible if they meet all general education AND subject area requirements.

Is the additional degree required? Pursuing an additional degree is a personal choice; it is not required. It is an opportunity to extend a student’s qualifications as a teacher by taking additional courses in an Arts and Sciences program.


CLAS General Education Requirements: CLAS general education requirements differ slightly from University requirements. For example: in order to graduate with a CLAS Major, students will need to have the equivalent of the Intermediate Level of a second language; students in CLAS take three Q courses, the University requires two; CLAS requires five courses in content area one, the University requires two. Please confirm your status with a CLAS Advisor, as each situation is different. BA and BS requirements also differ. General Education requirements are listed on the CLAS Advising Center website:

CLAS Major Requirements: Credit and other requirements vary by major (and catalog year) and are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog: Be aware that when transferring from ACES to CLAS, it is possible that your catalog year will change.

Related Requirements: In addition to the major requirements, all students must have 12 credits of 2000-level or higher related courses (subject to CLAS faculty advisor approval). The CLAS faculty advisor may count one or more Education courses toward the related requirement; they may require students to take additional courses. For example, the mathematics department would like to see one or two 2000-level chemistry, physics or statistics courses.

Students must complete all coursework for the additional degree by the summer prior to the master’s year.

Students cannot apply for the Additional Degree for Teacher Education Students until after admission to the Neag School of Education. CLAS students who wish to receive pre-teaching advising, while maintaining their CLAS major and advisor, can do so through the ACES program. To designate your pre-teaching interest, please visit the ACES office in ROWE, Room 111. The “pre-teaching” major will be added to your record and you will be assigned an ACES advisor who will work with you while you pursue admission to the Neag School of Education.

Similarly, an ACES student who wishes to declare a major in CLAS and begin working with a CLAS major advisor can do so by visiting the appropriate CLAS department. The CLAS major and advisor will be added, along with the Pre-Teaching major and ACES advisor, to the student’s record. See the list of department contacts under the “Documents and Forms” section of this site for designees in CLAS who can help with this process.

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